Software / IT Consultancy

Software / IT Consultancy
We offer a wide range of technology consultancy to our customers in areas like technology adoption, software architecture, user research, idea validation, enhancements in digital experience, business intelligence & decision making etc.

Understanding our users digital behaviour is a key factor that shapes our design process. We keep our users at the forefront and continuously collaborate with them to bring the best digital experience.

Data Visualization

We help businesses gain useful insights regarding factors that influence their customer behaviour and determine trends that most impact their business. We help them achieve this by leveraging state of the art data visualization techniques in their reports to intuitively analyze their data with the help of interactive charts.

Technology Adoption

We help our novice customers better understand what technology has to offer by empowering them with technology adoption process both interms of software and hardware infrastructure.

Website / Web Apps / Portals

Website / Web Apps / Portals
We take pride in developing accessible, intuitive and functional websites / web apps or portals. We ensure that we incorporate every essential aspect in the final product that meets the required business goals.
Websites / Portals

We build static and dynamic websites with responsive and adaptive interfaces to cater to your customers visiting you through both large screen computer or mobile devices.


Have complete control over your website content through a tailor made Content Management System that helps you stay relevant with your customers and increase business conversions.


We have strong SEO building skills that can help your customers easily find you and help your website earn more business for you.

Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications
We build desktop applications using 'best-of -the-breed' technologies which are platform agnostic. These applications cater to business cases driven by standalone requirements or that operate in a closed environment requiring offline transactions.

Mobile Applications